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BF SALE 30% & 50% OFF

Get your Black Friday discounts,

there is only few pieces left from each model .




Pussy Lovers it's born as a clothing brand with the intention of creating  something different, unique and multi cultural. We are all in the same world.

It’s all about equality, we don’t care about colours, nationalities or sexual orientations. Life starts from a pussy, straight from our mothers.

If you are a man or a women it doesn´t matter, if there is something true: we are all coming from the same place, so we should have the time to love, respect and honor the feminine divine as it creates the human being. Women’s empowerment is one of our principal ideas, as we know that most  cultures don’t have a real respect for  women. So we want to celebrate the Pussy Power and all her potencial. There are a lot of things to learn from this mini cosmos. Now it’s time to everyone to treat it well and stop seeing it only in a sexual way.

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